Meet Laura: Certified Professional Coach!

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By Laura Kunzie

When my mom found out she was pregnant with me, she thought the doctor was joking. At 48 years old, she had scheduled the appointment to talk about the “change of life.” Given her age (and the fact that it was 1989) doctors strongly advised her NOT to go through with the pregnancy. It was a high-risk pregnancy. Doctors told her that even if I did survive, there was a high chance that I would have mental or physical disabilities.

The delivery was near fatal. An emergency C-Section that left both me and my mother fighting for life. All odds were against us. After an incredible team of doctors fought for us — and we fought for ourselves — we made it. To this day, her OBGYN contributes our survival to her belief in a higher power.

Every time my parents repeat this story, I am reminded that I am here for a reason. I am a fighter. There is a reason I survided all of that, and I have to find it. I have to find my life purpose.

I have always had this burning passion in side of me, “I am here for a reason… I am here for a reason…”The hardest part about this though, is that I didn’t always know this reason. Even though I had it in side of me all along, I didn’t actually know what it was. We all have the answers to what we truly want, and how to get there, so the problem isn’t find the answers. It’s figuring out what the heck is getting in our way to listening to them.

We each have our own internal GPS, but how can we listen to it if there are a million other voices drowning it out, telling you where you should be going. As Glennon Doyle says, “You cant ask others for directions to places they have ever been,” and nor should you listen to those who think they know where you should be going.

So back to this burning passion. It nagged me for a long time, it was my GPS inside of me saying, hey! I’m here! Go this way! But I ignored it. After college I did what I thought you did, I got a great job with a 401K, Insurance, and other company perks. I hated it. And so I continued to change jobs and companies every 12 months searching for what had been inside of me the entire time.

5 years of this and I just couldn’t take it anymore…

Laura 3

There I was — in my fifth job in five years. I felt empty. I had worked for the best companies in retail, climbing the corporate ladder. But every time I joined a new company and thought, “this is going to be THE ONE this time,”  it never was. After the newness and luster of the jobs wore off, I would find myself saying over and over,

“I can’t keep doing this.”

“In my gut I know I am here for a greater purpose, this is not it.”

“I just want to help people.” 

After working with an amazing coach and my therapist (if you don’t have one of these I would highly recommend it, who are your champions that will help you through the tough questions?), I realized one common thread throughout my career — I was the go-to, the one person who everyone came to when they needed support and advice, or wanted encouragement in stepping out of their comfort zone to get what they really wanted in life. In essence, I had been helping others for years, and didn’t realize it!

After doing a lot of research, some good old fashioned soul searching, and really getting everyone else’s voices out of my head, I was finally able to hear my own internal GPS. Your purpose, your passion is to start your own company, and help others to find their purpose.

After a year of working hard to get my coaching certification, I am so excited to be helping women find their life purpose through my coaching company, Mark Your Dash.

I am on this earth to live out my purpose by helping others find theirs. I am awesome!

To find about more about finding your purpose visit

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