Meet Lisa Petrik; Top Residential Broker with Jameson Sotheby’s in Chicago

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Lisa Petrik.

Lisa is a born entrepreneur with a passion for success. With a longstanding love of real estate, and a love for the city’s diverse culture and amazing architecture, she joined the industry after spending fourteen years running and managing a successful newspaper publication where she sharpened her skills as an entrepreneur and a master negotiator.

Never afraid of a challenge, she loves meeting new people as well as discovering great homes. She upholds the highest standards of service and believes in the efficient use of time to streamline the often intricate real estate process. She is known to exceed her clients’ expectations, every time. “I thrive on education and relieving my clients of their fears. I like to keep things fun. This industry shouldn’t be boring or stressful.”

With a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Elmhurst College, an associates degree in air traffic control from Lewis University and a certification in psychotherapy, she is in tune with what it takes to achieve her goals. Years ago Lisa was hypnotized to work through an eating disorder she developed while modeling. Once relieved of her disorder, she became certified so she could give back by helping others.

Lisa has extensive knowledge of the city and is involved in the River North Business Association as the secretary of the executive board and co-chair of the planning and advocacy committee. She is also a development committee member of the River North Residents Association as well as a board member of River North Clean Streets. She enthusiastically showcases all that her city has to offer in every opportunity she can. Wether it’s explaining the history of how Streeterville was built or pointing out the hidden gems like Gilda’s Club in River North, Artopolis in Greek Town, the dog park hidden among the skyscrapers in River East, the list goes on….

Energetic, resourceful, and motivated, she has a successful track record in many aspects of Chicago’s real estate industry.  This intelligent, motivated, self-starter always takes the full initiative in all that she does. “I am always focusing on the moment of now. Every day, in every way, I want to be a better version of myself. Not only for me but for the overall good of those in my life.”

Has it been a smooth road?
It wasn’t. Family life was difficult. Learning psychotherapy helped her learn manifestation, the law of attraction and the practice of calming thoughts with mediation and your internal vibration. Lisa states her growth over the last five years has “been an incredible journey and I am so proud of seeing and believing in myself. The growth I’ve achieved is literally life changing and I feel so blessed. I wish nothing more then to pay it forward and inspire and lead others.”

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Lisa is a residential real estate agent with Jameson Sotheby’s. She specializes in the downtown market but has knowledge of the suburbs after living within them for 30 years. She is known for being honest, hardworking, helpful, driven, (you can read her reviews here

Honesty is the best policy. There have been times she has boldly told a client even though they loved a property she didn’t feel it was the best for them. What sets her apart is her passion to help others. She enjoys making others smile and helping them grow to feeling their best. In the process of house hunting, she’s helped her clients make career transition decisions, relationship changes, self-esteem improvements – she is more than a broker. She works to ensure the next place you call “home” enriches your life in more than just a bigger bedroom.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
“I do feel Chicago is a great place, the people are incredible! You can be as busy as you choose as we have some many areas and various paces of life here.”

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