“Hello, I’m awesome”


I’m killer at sales, I know I’m good at what I do, but outside of that, what’s my value? This is a question I need to explore. My value depends on what I feel I’m worth, which I can’t find through anyone/anything else, but myself. This blog, I hope, is where women can shout from the rooftop, and say “I’m awesome!”. Before I make that deceleration for myself, I need a bit of soul searching, because being human is an amazing thing, and what’s even more amazing is our capacity to love, be passionate about what we do, and the ability to find happiness. These are all achievable virtues, that I know I can find within. In the meantime, to all you ladies out there, want to let you know, “YOU’RE AWESOME!”

HOMEWORK: Stand anywhere today, raise your arms up, and yell “I’m AWESOME!”


How it got started . . .

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Being in my early thirties and striding pretty quickly in to my career, I really see the value in women supporting women professionally and emotionally.

This blog is here to capture the strong women that are apart of the meetup group Chicago Women Rising. We are professional strong women that are here to inspire and encourage growth. Stay tuned . . .