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Meet Dr. Ashley Neuman | Chiropractor and Science Geek

Rebecca (Organizer of Chicago Women Rising): Hi Ashley, thank you for sharing your story. First, I’d love to start with your background. Where did you grow up? What were you passionate about as a child/teenager and what shaped you to your present career?

Ashley: Thank you! I’m super excited to be part of this group!

I grew up in Wisconsin in a smaller town.  As a teenager I was very active in sports – I played basketball, softball, soccer, figure skated and played women’s hockey as well.  When I was a senior in high school playing soccer I had a collision with another player and had a lot of hip and lower back pain afterwards.  My mom decided it was time for me to go see her chiropractor, so nervously I went with her and got my first adjustment and, as cliche as it is, the rest is history! I spent time hanging out in my chiropractors office asking him questions and learning more about how spinal alignment effects the rest of the body because it helps your nervous system to function at its peak.  It was all fascinating to me as I was already a nerd and loved all things science!

Rebecca: I read a bit about how you got in to your profession on your practice’s (Relief Care Chiropractic, L.L.C.) website, but would love to hear what drove you to be a doctor in this field, what it was like for you in medical school, and your transition to working at a practice to having your own.

Ashley: My personal experience with chiropractic really drove me to pursue it as a passion and career.  After high school I got my undergraduate degree in psychology at Marquette University, which I think pairs very well with chiropractic as there is such a strong mind and body connection when it comes to pain, especially in the chronic realm, so a lot of cross over there.  After undergrad I went to chiropractic school in St. Louis, which was another 3.5 years of nerding out on science.  After graduation I knew I wanted to be a little closer to family so I took an awesome opportunity to work as an associate for 5 years in a practice here in Chicago that I eventually took over and rebranded into Relief Care Chiropractic about 3 years ago now.

Rebecca: What is your vision for Relief Care Chiropractic? Where do you see the practice going?

Ashley: Owning my own practice has been both amazing and scary at the same time!  I love being able to help people every single day!  Currently I utilize chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy to help my patients get better. I have advanced training in treating pregnant moms and lots of children too.  I see a number of little ones with autism and have seen some pretty great results when restoring nervous system function with adjustments and nutritional support.

I am also working on completing a secondary functional medicine specialty that really dives deep into nutrition and can help with more systemic type diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.  It also helps pinpoint through the use of blood work and other lab testing any food allergies or sensitivities that can cause inflammation in the body and leads to a number of different symptoms and diseases as well.  So much of our health is reflected by our nutrition! So I am very excited to work on more of these types of cases. I’m always trying to learn as much as I can to help my patients as much as I can!

Rebecca: Beyond the day to day, what gets you going, what are you passionate about?

Ashley: I’m lucky in the sense that my day to day is what I am passionate about.  I literally get to come to work everyday and help people function better.  Living the dream over here!

Rebecca: What are your favorite things to do in Chicago? How do you feel Chicago fits in to your career and your life?

Ashley: I remember coming to Chicago as a kid on mini vacations and being so excited to see the skyline as we drove into the city, moving here was just as thrilling! My first drive into the city with my car loaded down with all my stuff is something I probably won’t ever forget!  Now, 8 years later I still get a little awe struck when I come home if I’ve been out of the city for awhile.  I love all the entertainment there is here – we live in a city where we can literally do something different every single day!  I’m a huge fan of Second City (go if you haven’t been!) and I love all the restaurants! Being in the West Loop there is food for days! I love it!

Rebecca: Thank you Ashley for sharing your story. Where can people find more about your business and the opportunities you offer in your practice.

Ashley: First of all, I’d love to offer all the women/members in Chicago Women Rising a free chiropractic consultation. Contact me at to take advantage of this offer. Find out more about my practice and our offerings at 



Patients of Ashley’s, the man is the father of the baby, she was only 23 hours old getting her nervous system checked for the first time, this patient experience was very special to Ashley.


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Dr. Ashley Neuman offered Relief Care Chiropractic for one of Chicago Women Rising’s meetups, it was a success! Thank you Ashley!

How the collaboration experience turns passion in to progression


See pictures above (Top L-R, Catherine Sanders Reach (Law Practice Management and Technology Director at The Chicago Bar Association), Amani Smathers (Legal Technologies at Davis, Wright,Tremain), Ivy Grey (author of American Legal Style for PerfectIt, and is a Senior Attorney at Griffin Hamersky LLP), Dana Zivkovich, Attorney and Partner at Zivkovich Law Group) / Bottom L-R, Michelle Silverthorn (‎Diversity and Education Director – ‎Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism), Irene Mo (Recent Law School Graduate, and Attorney), Jennifer Ramovs (Director of Practice Management at Affinity Consulting Group), and Elaine Wyder-Harshman ( ‎Founding Partner – ‎The Lens Legal Group LLC) ).

By Rebecca Martin

Women in Legal Technology section in the June issue of Chicago Lawyer Magazine. My first endeavor in coordinating a collaboration with inspirational, diverse and professional women. The result, a fascinating section and piece about women and diversity in technology. See section here


Before I started my position with the Chicago legal community a year ago, I was very involved with the Chicago film community. This is where the desire began to bring women together in a professional industry and create something bigger then ourselves. It was apparent to me that diverse/women in film were being underrepresented on the screen, and behind the screen. Although recently I’ve been seeing a surge of progress. I am passionate about promoting the women who are making strides in this industry. Below are two I’m actively following:

Meet Alicia Malone

Alicia Malone

Alicia Malone is a film reporter, host, writer and self-confessed movie geek. She has let’s say my dream job, something I love about Alicia is that she’s taking her film loving presence and bringing female filmmakers and women in film in history in the forefront, with her book “Backwards and in Heels”, her TEDX talk, and through her social media. Love what she’s doing, and can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next.

Meet Ava Duvernay


Can’t wait until Ava’s film “A Wrinkle in Time” premieres! In the meantime Ava Duvernay is inspirational through all of her work “Selma”, “13th”, and “Queen Sugar”. Like Alicia, she is passionate about what she does, and the message she shares. She’s conscious of the social injustices around us, and uses her film skills to communicate these injustices. Ava is also a force in the social media world: twitter and instagram. She is a powerforce for inspiring women, and I will continue to retweet and “love” everything she posts.

In conclusion, I can’t wait to watch how Chicago Women Rising will grow and innovate. I already have stories lined up for this blog, so stay tuned!

Meet Laura: Certified Professional Coach!

Laura 2

By Laura Kunzie

When my mom found out she was pregnant with me, she thought the doctor was joking. At 48 years old, she had scheduled the appointment to talk about the “change of life.” Given her age (and the fact that it was 1989) doctors strongly advised her NOT to go through with the pregnancy. It was a high-risk pregnancy. Doctors told her that even if I did survive, there was a high chance that I would have mental or physical disabilities.

The delivery was near fatal. An emergency C-Section that left both me and my mother fighting for life. All odds were against us. After an incredible team of doctors fought for us — and we fought for ourselves — we made it. To this day, her OBGYN contributes our survival to her belief in a higher power.

Every time my parents repeat this story, I am reminded that I am here for a reason. I am a fighter. There is a reason I survided all of that, and I have to find it. I have to find my life purpose.

I have always had this burning passion in side of me, “I am here for a reason… I am here for a reason…”The hardest part about this though, is that I didn’t always know this reason. Even though I had it in side of me all along, I didn’t actually know what it was. We all have the answers to what we truly want, and how to get there, so the problem isn’t find the answers. It’s figuring out what the heck is getting in our way to listening to them.

We each have our own internal GPS, but how can we listen to it if there are a million other voices drowning it out, telling you where you should be going. As Glennon Doyle says, “You cant ask others for directions to places they have ever been,” and nor should you listen to those who think they know where you should be going.

So back to this burning passion. It nagged me for a long time, it was my GPS inside of me saying, hey! I’m here! Go this way! But I ignored it. After college I did what I thought you did, I got a great job with a 401K, Insurance, and other company perks. I hated it. And so I continued to change jobs and companies every 12 months searching for what had been inside of me the entire time.

5 years of this and I just couldn’t take it anymore…

Laura 3

There I was — in my fifth job in five years. I felt empty. I had worked for the best companies in retail, climbing the corporate ladder. But every time I joined a new company and thought, “this is going to be THE ONE this time,”  it never was. After the newness and luster of the jobs wore off, I would find myself saying over and over,

“I can’t keep doing this.”

“In my gut I know I am here for a greater purpose, this is not it.”

“I just want to help people.” 

After working with an amazing coach and my therapist (if you don’t have one of these I would highly recommend it, who are your champions that will help you through the tough questions?), I realized one common thread throughout my career — I was the go-to, the one person who everyone came to when they needed support and advice, or wanted encouragement in stepping out of their comfort zone to get what they really wanted in life. In essence, I had been helping others for years, and didn’t realize it!

After doing a lot of research, some good old fashioned soul searching, and really getting everyone else’s voices out of my head, I was finally able to hear my own internal GPS. Your purpose, your passion is to start your own company, and help others to find their purpose.

After a year of working hard to get my coaching certification, I am so excited to be helping women find their life purpose through my coaching company, Mark Your Dash.

I am on this earth to live out my purpose by helping others find theirs. I am awesome!

To find about more about finding your purpose visit

Laura 1